A dress over another!

Through our daily rounds…
We first enter the room of that young lady with acute leukemia.
She is single, a stranger in this country, has no relatives around, just terrified with her…diagnosis.
I think the only worse thing than getting sick…is getting sick in a strange country…not at home.
I feel so bad…feel as if I’m in her place…

Then we leave…

The 2nd patient is that old nice sweet lady…with all her sons and daughters around.
She is so cheerful.
But she cannot walk…due to complications of her multiple diseases.
She cries when we enter her room…
I can understand…she feels disabled…and no body wants to be dependant on others.
My heart aches…

And then we move…

The third patient is that old lady who spent few months in our hospital.
Everyday she has same complaints, but we are trying our best.
I feel bad again…How can anybody tolerate daily continuous discomfort?

And our round continues the same way…everyday…

I feel all the patients’ problems accumulating in my heart…from inside out…until it is already full…
As if I’m wearing the patient’s clothes…one over another

I believe the only thing I can do is to help them with my best…to pray for them…and to thank Allah for having full and great health.


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