Top Books for Junior Hematologists

This is a list of the books that I believe are very important during hematology training, (not in order) :

PDQ Hematology :This small book is really great for beginners. Whether you are a medical student, a junior hematology resident, or just in any medical field but would like to know more about hematology, then this book is for you. It is not deep, and this is what makes it beautiful.
Pros: the whole book (as PDF) is on the included free CD, in addition to bonus mcqs. Reasonable price.
: very simple, single edition published on 2002, not available in Jeddah.

A Beginner’s Guide to Blood Cells : This is also a small book that covers a very important side in hematology, which is morphology, and specifically peripheral blood films. The author, Barbara Bain, is a world expert in the field. She wrote the book in a great way and made it a real “guide for beginners”. This book must be read from cover to cover.
Pros: Includes a section for self-evaluation. Cons: none

The big brother of that book is : Blood Cells: A Practical Guide

In order to review bone marrow morphology you might want to refer to:
Bone Marrow Pathology
These last 2 books are not for beginners, and that’s why I will not discuss them in details here.

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology :That book is one of a successful series covering many specialties in Medicine. It was very practical during on-calls as it gave very useful advice about management, and was specifically useful in emergencies.

Bloody Easy 2 :A great book in transfusion medicine. In a simple way it teaches all what the junior needs for safe transfusion of blood and its components. It also explains complications of transfusion and transfusion reactions and how to manage them.

The authors of this book developed web site which provides a free course on the same topic. It is called Bloody Easy Online Learning. Don’t miss it.


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