Teaching Perspectives

Not all good doctors make good teachers. I have a good example in the team I’m working in now. But this post is not about that.

We had a lecture last week about teaching medicine. It was very interesting. Apparently the suggested way of teaching depends alot on asking the learners first in order to know what they already know and start from there. As a learner, I personally find that uncomfortable. Of course I love it when I know the answer. Otherwise, I just want the information to be given to me directly.

The lecturer talked about an interesting concept in teaching adults (in general, not only in medicine): Teaching Perspectives. Simply there are five teaching perspectives:

  • Transmission: the teacher has a great commitment to the topic and presents it in an accurate manner to the learners.( I’m that type of teachers according to the test– Maybe only when talking about hematology) .
  • Apprenticeship: the teacher is highly skilled in what he teaches. He presents the education by allowing the learner to observe how does it in the correct way, and allowing the learner to improve through graduated levels of supervision.
  • Developmental: the teacher plans the teaching experience upon what the learner already knows. 2 main actions take place: 1) Effective questioning to challenge the learner to advance his thinking to more complex levels, and 2) bridging of the new information to what the learner already knows.
  • Nurturing: the teacher believes that knowledge is acquired by hard persistent work, guiding the learners to help themselves and acquire self confidence in during the learning experience.
  • Social reform: the teacher awakens the learner to values and ideologies embedded in text and practice. Aim is to change society in substantive ways.

The website explains the idea in the publication section, you can try the free test and/or buy the book that explains the concept, online.


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