It’s Just Your Container!

(This post was originally published in Oct 16,2007. It is one of few posts that weren’t transferred correctly from my old blog. This problem is one issue against moving to wordpress! Comments are also still there).

Few days ago, I was doing the daily round. I entered the room of one of the patients in my team. This gentleman had some new acute problems that made him not feeling very well.

So I entered the room, as I did every day. This time I noticed a strange sign beside the bed. It was hand written, and reads:

“Don’t Panic! It’s just your container!”

Although I don’t like to intrude into other people personal details, I couldn’t help it but to ask him what that sign meant.

I’m glad I asked, because that was a rare chance to hear a very inspiring story.

Basically my patient has a friend who has been through some serious health problems that she fortunately managed to go through. When that good friend came to visit my patient, she found him in a not-very-good shape. So she told him that the idea that helped her lot through her journey with disease, was that these diseases are only affecting our outer coating, the body: the container. As the spirit remains high, that’s really what matters!

So that’s the secret of the sign. It was a reminder. It’s only the container that is not doing well. You are still the same from the inside.

Pretty inspiring I guess.
I’m so grateful for that gentleman and his great friend for giving me the permission to post this.
I will translate it to Arabic soon 🙂



  1. محمود

    الجسد هو الذي يحتوي أرواحنا
    أما دنيانا وحياتنا فما هي إلا قصة قصيرة ستستذكر
    نحن ليس همنا حياتنا
    إنما همنا ما بعد مماتنا

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