More CV/Interview Tips

The residency program interview season is not over yet.

What I can see from what is happening in my program, is that the situation is becoming more and more competitive for us, the visa sponsored residents, as they call the trainees from GCC countries.

If you are applying for a residency position in a foreign country, specially north America, then you should really pay some extra effort.

Look at your CV: apart from being well written and organized, is it similar to the CV of every other medical student in your class?

Try to be different. I’m not talking about the colors or the organization of the CV. It should be black and standardized. I’m talking about being different in the content.

Here are few examples:

  • Volunteer activities: Have you shared in campaign to increase the awareness of breast cancer in your community? Are you a member in Zmzm Charity? Have you arranged a lecture for your aunts and cousins to discuss healthier eating habits/healthy ways for weight loss/importance of exercise? These all worth mentioning.
  • Hobbies: Are you a published/professional writer? Do you ski or dive? Do you enjoy traveling to unusual places? Mention these hobbies and be ready to talk about them if required.
  • Research: This is usually blank in our CVs as we graduate from medical school. Try to work on something during internship or 6th year. The easiest thing might be a case report. Don’t forget the work you performed in your community/epidemiology rotation.
  • Conferences/Symposiums: instead of listing all the conferences you attended, try to present in a conference. A poster presentation might be a good way to start. A nice conference to start with is the International Conference for Medical Students in GCC Countries, held this time in Al-Ain.

Share your thoughts and let us know if you have any other ideas to make a CV more interesting.



  1. alaa

    i have watching your site since 2007,(blogspot) i was so intresting in what what you puplish and you are doing a graet jop. anyway, al7amdulellah i got an interview for internal med. program in october 19th, 2009 and i was hoping that u help me with some tips about the program in UBS( weakneses, strength, what do they want to here in the interview and what not). i know its a very short notice but if u can help me in this i would be very thankful.
    thank you in advance

  2. The Blood Doctor

    Hi Alaa,
    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. It is great that you are offered an interview in UBC. It is a great program and a wonderful city.

    To elaborate more on this: The program is very well structured. The faculty members are really supportive and interested in teaching. I find the program to be multicultural and tolerant.

    Vancouver is a great city too. Not very big nor small. Something in the middle. Lots of events and a very supportive Saudi society. The weather is nice too and winter here is very acceptable.

    Good luck with you interview. I’ll post some interview tips today that I’m sure will be helpful.
    Let me know how it goes.

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