The Art of Pimping

Pimping, in the medical field, can be defined as:

Doc Gurley Med Slang Dictionary: pimping; (def.) verb, as in to pimp; was pimped; got pimped; will be pimped. Used in a sentence “Dang. I can’t believe how badly I got pimped this morning on rounds.”

Being pimped means to be asked serial questions, kind of like being tortured by a 3 year-old who keeps saying “but why?” Except, unlike with the 3-year-old, the person doing the asking is your clinical supervisor. And the goal is to keep asking until you can’t answer. In other words, the goal is, basically, humiliation.

From Doc Gurley’s Blog

Every medical student or resident faced this. Some believe it is a vital part of the medical education system! This is a nice and funny article that was published in JAMA in 1989 about pimping…a light enjoyable read. It is a must for medical students, residents and new attendings 🙂



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