Coagulation Cascade – Animated

Understanding the coagulation cascade is one of the most difficult areas that medical students and doctors face in the field of hematology. Here are 2 animated illustrations of the coagulation pathway, which might help make things easier.

McGraw-Hill displays a short animation, while Johns Hopkins University shows a more detailed one.



  1. The Blood Doctor

    Priya Manu
    You are welcome 🙂 although I’m not Sir…but how can anybody tell ? 🙂

    Thanks for passing by. The new version of real player offers an option to save it.
    Good luck

  2. dr.rosana

    thanks doctor,
    both are amazing,but I like the first it is more understandable ,clear,I hope to find like these animations in some medical and pharmaceutical fields,I don’t know if you can help.thank you

  3. michelle

    This is actually more detailed not to mention clear and easy to understand compared to the Johns Hopkins animation.


  4. ra'ad

    i really liked the animation, it made everything clear and easier to memorize, i hope that you’ll make more animations on other things

  5. Jennifer Mourafetis

    Amazing. The first ties in to the second & now I finally understand it!!! Thank you for taking the time to provide this, it is most appreciated.

  6. Anita Ellsworth

    Thank so much for the informative animation! It helped me to understand the mechanism of clot formation a lot easier than reading about it.

  7. Doreen Rushbrook

    I think it is unnecesary to be teaching this in such great detail. People don’t remember what they don’t use. As a pharmacist, I have to remember the differences between Warfarin, Heparin. LMWH’s, the different inhibitors etc etc and how and where they work differently ,when they are used and at what dose etc, contraindications etc etc, but I don’t think it is really necesary to be learning this in this much detail. I am positive most will not be able to reproduce all of this in 6 months.

  8. Shelly K

    Doreen Rushbrook

    Maybe pharmacists don’t need to use this or even most medical doctors but let me tell you who needs it and will definitely need to remember…..hematologists and lab professionals!!!!

    This is a great help, thanks for posting!

  9. prodeep

    i liked the first one too much. animations are letters in motion to understand and imaginations on screen to see. studying lab medicine has been much more easier to me with the help of animation. i also dont know how to save them. can anyone help me with this

  10. Kodama

    I loved your in vivo animation of the coagulation cascade 🙂 Are there any videos for the in vitro cascade? In lab school, we have to know both in great detail

  11. Veronica

    The greatest and simplest-to-understand explanation to clarfy the coagulation cascade concepts I have even come across — THANKS SO MUCH.

  12. Sam

    This amination is very useful and easy to follow and understand the whole blood coagulation cascade…

    Thank you so much.

  13. Beth Pulsifer Anderson

    Dear Blood Doctor,
    The Hopkins video was very good. I’m the parent of a pediatric clotting patient (Factor V) and a Plain Language Medical writer. I’ve seen the clotting cascade drawn out but never before understood the difference between the intrinsic, extrinsic and common pathways. Now I get it. Thanks.

  14. damie yamie

    wow i like the animation. it’s so simple and clear. i think medical students also deserved to have some material presented in simple and plain language.

  15. trisunu ruruh MD Clin Path

    thanks for kind information; Could I save for review and explain to my lab technician


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